Feb 242010

Do you sometimes have the problem, that CTRL-SHIFT-6 (CTRL-^) won’t work to cancel a traceroute or other commands? Especially on foreign keymaps? Than simply change the escape-sequence for your VTYs or CONsole:

change escape-character to CTRL-C on VTYs (telnet and/or ssh-access):

line vty 0 15
escape-character 3

change escape-character to ESC on CONsole (serial-access on console port):

line con 0
escape-character 27

CTRL-C is a good choice – it’s a well known keystroke to cancel processes on CLIs.
ESC is nice because it uses the very less used ESC key – but the usage of the esc-code has one drawback: If you telnet to a further router from the commandline of your current router, than the command history will not be accessible via your curser up-/down-keys any longer because they are sending keycodes beginning with ESC – this breakes the Cursor-keycodes. Also the 1st CTRL-C will be eaten by router 1 – the next one is passed to router2.

So I recommend to use CTRL-C but of course you can configure any other ASCII-code as the escape-character.

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