Jan 142013

How to see which VLANs are currently used on a trunkport on a switch?

Easy Answer:
Do a show mac address-table interface <interface>

and you will get a list of VLANs with MAC addresses used. Of course, any VLAN that have MAC-addresses associated, is in use.

That’s an easy way to find out which VLAN-tags are currently running over a trunk. (keep MAC-address aging timer in mind)

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Mar 172010

Worried about the following error-message while plugging in a TwinGig Converter Module (CVR-X2-SFP) in a Catalyst 4500?

%C4K_TRANSCEIVERMAN-3-SEEPROMREADFAILED: Failed to read transceiver serial eeprom on port Te5/3, try reinserting

This is really not a serious problem although it looks like one. You just have to configure your TenGigE-Port to GigE. On a 6Port 10GE-Linecard (WS-X4606-X2-E) it is important, that you can only put 3 ports in 1GigE-Mode at once. Each 3 Ports are grouped together to one Port-Group. If this is a problem you can deal with the TenGigE-Ports on your Sup (depending on the Sup you are using…)

You can have the following configurations on a WS-X4606-X2-E:

  • 6 TenGigE
  • 3 TenGigE, 6 GigE
  • 6GigE, 3 TenGigE
  • 12 GigE

To switch a Port-Group over to 1 GigE use the following command:

hw-module module 5 port-group 1 select gigabitethernet

This will put your 1st three ports on the Module in Slot 5 into Gigabit-Mode and voila – your TwinGigConverterModule will no longer be rejected with this crazy errormessage.

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Oct 212009

Did you ever have the problem that your switch didn’t learn the MAC-addresses of the connected devices on one of its switchport? All cabling seems all right – Link is UP – Port is connected.
But show mac address-table won’t show you the MAC of your device although it is sending packets.

Check your VLAN-config!

If your switchport is configured to a VLAN thet doesn’t exists on your switch – then the switch won’t learn anything on this port. This could only happen if your switch is in VTP mode “client”.
Otherwise the VLAN will be created automatically.

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