Nov 042010

Have you ever killed your router/switch by enabling “some” debugging output?
You can easily reduce the impact of debug-logging on cisco devices by disabling logging to the console port. Under normal circumstances you don’t need the logging output on the console port.
In global configuration mode type:

no logging console to disable logging to the console.

This will prevent your router/switch from generating an interrupt for each single character, that is put to the console interface.

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Nov 032010

show running won’t show you any pre-shared-keys for tunnels, aaa-server keys and failover keys in cleartext. You will only see things like:

failover key *****

aaa-server authserver (inside) host
key *****

tunnel-group clients ipsec-attributes
pre-shared-key *****

simply use the more system:running-config-command to show all your keys uncrypted.

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